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The Boulevard

Nolan gets a tour of the new apartment and retail space near the Fisher Building, known as The Boulevard. It’s the first new residential building in the New Center area in 30 years. He talks with the developer about this neighborhood investment and the affordable housing it offers.

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How the Homewreckers hit Detroit

Who benefited from the foreclosure crisis? Reveal reporter, Aaron Glantz, wanted to know. The details are in Glantz’s book, “Homewreckers: How a Gang of Wall Street Kingpins, Hedge Fund Magnates, Crooked Banks, and Vulture Capitalists Suckered Millions Out of Their Homes and Demolished the American Dream”. He sat down for an interview with Sarah Alvarez of Outlier Media, who’s been covering the foreclosure crisis in Detroit.

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One Detroit: Our commitment to you

In One Detroit – Detroit Public TV’s news and public affairs operation — we have created a new model for covering the city, which we believe is unlike the approach of any other news organization in Detroit – or perhaps any other city. We don’t merely report the news; we reveal life as its 4 million residents know it, through intensive and ongoing community engagement.

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Record high water on Detroit’s East Side

An emergency situation in the flooded Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood on Detroit’s east side comes with 100,000 sandbags and the workers to fill and stack them.
The city of Detroit is looking for short term solutions where record high water levels and too much rain have left residents submerged near the Detroit River. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota has the story.

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Alexa at the Auto Show

Digital integration of devices like Alexa into our cars seems like an inevitability. But what will that integration look like? One Detroit’s Will Glover headed to the P3 exhibit at the auto show’s Automobili-D space to find out.

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Men of Detroit Parent Network

Finding guidance in parenting isn’t always easy. Meet Keith Crispen, a Detroit dad who’s helping other dads connect with their kids and find resources on their own journeys as fathers.

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Fundraising to fix a surging problem in Islandview

In this Islandview update, One Detroit producer Bill Kubota, talks with MACC Development’s Ezekiel Harris about the recent power surges that have rendered 5 of the washing machines at the local cafe / laundromat unusable and what they’re trying to do to address the problem

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On the next American Black Journal, the head of the Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority talks with Stephen about the state of mental health in the region and how his agency is working to provide a holistic approach to the people it serves. Plus, athletes and other celebrities team up to make sure that metro Detroit residents in need have access to a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We’ll tell you about the All-Star Giveback taking place in River Rouge.

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One Detroit | Women Candidates

In this election cycle, 10 women are running for the 14 congressional seats in Michigan. In this One Detroit report, Christy McDonald takes a look at the difference women are making in races around the state.

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The Detroit Journalism Cooperative Interviews Bill Schuette

Recently, the Detroit Journalism Cooperative sat down with Republican candidate, Attorney General Bill Schuette, for an in-depth, hour long interview with a panel of its reporters from WDET, Chalkbeat Detroit, Bridge Magazine, Michigan Radio, and Detroit Public Television. The DJC reporters asked AG Schuette about his stances on issues including, but not limited to education, the economy, the environment, and social issues.

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One Detroit Clip: Vernor Businesses

Nolan Finley goes on a walking tour of the many thriving ethnic small businesses along Vernor Highway in Dearborn for a look at how many Arab American immigrants are going after the American Dream.

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Coming this Thursday: One Detroit Premieres at 7:30 PM

One Detroit contributors, Christy McDonald, Stephen Henderson, and Nolan Finley sat down at Common Pub in Detroit to talk about what makes a Detroiter, to talk about their connection to Detroit, as well as to explain the kind of storytelling that will shape their new show, One Detroit, which premieres this Thursday at 7:30 PM.

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How bad is Michigan’s PFAS problem?

Boiling water doesn’t get rid of it. Residential filters don’t take it out either. In a special Great Lakes Now report, Bureau Chief Mary Ellen Geist explains what PFAS are and how high levels of the chemicals are contaminating water on the west side of Michigan.

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What does diversity in the media mean? NABJ attendees weigh in

In early August, over 3,000 journalists from all over the country came to Detroit to attend this year’s NABJ Convention. What did journalists have to say about the state of diversity in the media? One Detroit’s Will Glover took to the convention floor to find out.

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PBS NEWSHOUR | The U.S. needs more home care workers. Is this the solution?

America’s home care shortage is critical, and growing. The industry’s shortage seems to be driven by low wages, few benefits and a lack of respect for workers, 90 percent of whom are women. Would giving them more responsibilities and more training help workers earn more? In the second part of reporting by PBS Newshour, economics correspondent Paul Solman takes a closer look at whether there is a solution.

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Why does one of the most needed jobs pay so poorly?

In this week’s clip of Making Sense on PBS NewsHour, learn about the looming shortage of home care workers, the challenging work environment and compensation that’s barely above poverty level. The national segment, which aired across the country last night was shot in Grand Ledge, Traverse City, and Detroit, MI.

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D.L.I.V.E. | Detroit Life is Valuable Everyday

D.L.I.V.E., a program at Detroit’s Sinai-Grace Hospital aimed at reducing gun violence in the city, gets national exposure in the L.A. Times. We take a look at a One Detroit report on the D.L.I.V.E. program, which stands for: DETROIT LIFE IS VALUABLE EVERYDAY.

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One Detroit | Raising Voices to Silence the Violence

The Church of the Messiah’s pews were packed this last Saturday morning in June. Pastor Barry Randolph prepared the crowd for the eleventh annual Silence the Violence march through Detroit’s east side Islandview neighborhood to fight gun deaths.

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A MorningSide View

Detroit journalist and podcast producer Imani Mixon joined community activist Monique Tate on a drive around their neighborhood. They’re showing One Detroit a two square mile neighborhood on Detroit’s east side called MorningSide.

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