The Show

Detroit Public TV’s American Black Journal is a weekly talk show featuring African American perspectives on topics around arts, culture, and community issues important to the city of Detroit, the state of Michigan and the nation.

Throughout our history, African Americans have struggled in the face of racism and systemic inequality and recent events remind us that those issues are still very present with us today. Since 1968 we have provided a crucial voice to add context and urgency to those issues here in our own community.  We are proud to bring you American Black Journal every week, and we are just as proud to add American Black Journal’s voice to the idea that Black Lives Matter.

The History of American Black Journal

American Black Journal, originally titled CPT (Colored People’s Time), went on the air in 1968 during a time of social and racial turmoil following the 1967 riots in Detroit. The purpose was to increase the availability and accessibility of media relating to African American experiences in order to encourage greater involvement from Detroit citizens in working to resolve community problems.

The show has aired consistently since 1968, documenting more than fifty-years of Detroit history from African American perspectives. The collection includes interviews, round-table discussions, field-produced features and artistic performances featuring African Americans, many of who are among the nation’s most recognized figures, and provides the visual and audio context of key debates and discussions surrounding African American history, culture, and politics.

Host Stephen Henderson, Producer Daphne Hughes and Snoop Dogg behind the scenes of the October 14th episode of American Black Journal.

Host Stephen Henderson, Producer Daphne Hughes and Snoop Dogg behind the scenes of a 2018 episode of American Black Journal.

The Production Crew

Today, the show is hosted by Stephen Henderson and produced by Daphne Hughes. Henderson is also host of WDET’s Detroit Today and former Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial page editor of The Detroit Free Press. Hughes is a former News Manager and Producer/Writer at WDIV-TV and Senior Communications Specialist at Mort Crim Communications, Inc.

The show airs on Tuesdays at 7:30 PM, repeating on Sundays at 9:30 AM on Detroit Public TV. All full episodes and clips are available to view on-demand. Visit the Episodes page for links to all the available video.