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Preserving Detroit’s vanished Chinatowns: A journey through 150 years of Chinese American history

The Detroit Historical Museum unveils a new exhibit, “Detroit’s Chinatowns,” which explores the 150-year journey of the city’s Chinese community. The exhibit chronicles the immigrant experience from Ah-Chee’s arrival in 1872 to the vibrant businesses and communal life that characterized the 1970s and 80s. Contributor Chien-An Yuan has the story.

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Residents and businesses clash over industry near Detroit’s Riverside Park

In the heart of Southwest Detroit lies Riverside Park — a place battling for harmony amid the clash of competing interests. The renovated park is near industry, leaving residents grappling with the challenge of enjoying nature amid truck noise and concerns over air quality. Contributor Bryce Huffman has the story.

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Detroit Riverfront Conservancy opens long-awaited 3.5-mile Uniroyal Promenade riverfront pathway

The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy’s long-anticipated Uniroyal Promenade is now open. Gifted to the city of Detroit by the Conservancy, the 3.5-mile pathway connects Gabriel Richard Park to Mt. Elliott Park while providing a secure pedestrian pathway to the iconic Belle Isle Bridge.

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Michigan Muslim, Arab Americans’ share their population growth strategies with the Growing Michigan Together Council

At a recent American Muslims Town Hall, more than 50 Arab and Muslim Americans shared their population growth strategies with members of the Growing Michigan Together Council. They talk about the kinds of neighborhoods tech workers need, transportation and public transit, mental health and other underfunded services, and preparing our workforce for jobs of the future.

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Curtis Chin’s new memoir chronicles life lessons learned in a Chinese restaurant

In the heart of Detroit’s bygone Chinatown, a vibrant oasis once thrived and diverse patrons, from celebrities to everyday families, shared more than just meals at Chung’s restaurant. Curtis Chin, a Detroit native, author and activist, takes readers on an evocative journey through his upbringing in Detroit’s former Chinatown in his book, “Everything I Learned, I Learned in a Chinese Restaurant.”

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