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5/23/22: American Black Journal – Buffalo Grocery Store Shooting, Cost of Water for Communities of Color

Another racially motivated shooting has rocked Black America. Host Stephen Henderson talks with Detroit Branch NAACP President Rev. Wendell Anthony about the tragic mass shooting in Buffalo, NY that killed 10 African Americans and injured 3 others. Plus, Stephen looks at the rising cost of water and its impact on communities of color with We the People of Detroit co-founder Cecily McClellan and Wayne State law professor Peter Hammer.

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5/10/22: American Black Journal – Bookstock Returns, MOCAD Spring Exhibit, Aaron Lewys Performs

This week, “American Black Journal” host Stephen Henderson hears about the return of Bookstock, the Detroit-area’s largest used book and media sale, from the charitable event’s organizers and beneficiaries. Producer Eden Sabolboro explores a new spring MOCAD exhibit and the works of Detroit artist Sterling Toles. Plus, singer Aaron Lewys performs his original song “Stop Wasting My Time.”

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5/03/22: American Black Journal – Police Reform and Patrick Lyoya, Davóne Tines Portrays Malcolm X

Host Stephen Henderson leads a roundtable with Greater Grand Rapids NAACP President Cle Jackson and Black Lives Matter Detroit Co-founder John Sloan III about the fatal shooting of African immigrant Patrick Lyoya by a white police officer. Plus, Stephen talks with bass-baritone Davóne Tines about his role in portraying Malcolm X in Detroit Opera’s “X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X.”

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Buffalo Grocery Store Shooting Kills 10, Injures Three and Was Motivated by White Supremacy

As the African American community is gripped by another tragic mass shooting, Detroit Branch NAACP President Rev. Wendell Anthony joins “American Black Journal” host Stephen Henderson to talk about the Buffalo shooting and the gunman’s white supremacist views. Plus, they posit what needs to be done to reduce and eliminate these casualties, including white Americans’ role in addressing racism. 

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Drowning in Dues: The Cost of Water for Communities of Color

“American Black Journal” host Stephen Henderson talks with We the People of Detroit Co-founder Cecily McClellan and Wayne State University Law Professor Peter Hammer about the rising cost of water in Detroit, looming water shutoffs, and the racial disparities impacting access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water. 

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Mental Health Awareness Month Highlights Disparities and Stigma in the Black Community

For National Mental Health Awareness Month, host Stephen Henderson talks with Eric Doeh, President & CEO of Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN), about the pandemic’s impact on mental health, the stigma of mental illness in the Black community, economic barriers and health disparities affecting minorities, and access to mental healthcare services. 

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MOCAD Launches Spring Exhibit Series Celebrating Black Artistry in Detroit

A new exhibit series at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) celebrates and uplifts Black artists from Detroit and the works they have created. Producer Eden Sabolboro tells the story of Detroit-native Sterling Toles, whose creative works can be seen on display at MOCAD’s new spring/summer 2022 exhibit series. 

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