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1/18/22: American Black Journal – Current Events Roundtable, Remembering Sidney Poitier

Host Stephen Henderson leads a wide-ranging roundtable discussion around some of the biggest current events catching headlines in the new year. Hear public relations and political consultants Karen Dumas, Greg Bowens and Brandon Brice, as well as “The Urban Conservative” host Kerry Leon Jackson debate about new redistricting maps, discuss the conviction and sentencing in the Amhaud Arbery case, and share their perspectives in the Jan. 6 insurrection. Plus, Stephen remembers the legacy of trailblazing actor and civil rights activist Sidney Poitier.

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1/11/22: American Black Journal – Black Leaders Detroit, Workplace DEI, Dance Theatre of Harlem

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Black Leaders Detroit Founder Dwan Dandridge about leveling the playing field for Black-owned businesses and organizations through financial support. Then, Stephen discusses what progress has been made to workplace diversity and what areas are still lacking with marketing consultant Mark S. Lee. Plus, the Dance Theatre of Harlem makes a visit to the Motown Museum in Detroit before the upcoming premiere performance of “Higher Ground.”

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12/28/21: American Black Journal – The Role of Pastors’ Spouses in the Church

American Black Journal Host Stephen Henderson continues the Black Church in Detroit series with a look inside the lives of pastors and their spouses to see how they support the ministry individually and as a couple together. He talks with Bishop Edgar Vann and his wife Elder Sheila Vann from Second Ebenezer Church about their roles. Plus, producer Marcus Green talks with Detroit Church Pastor Sonny Smith and his wife Sherita about staring their ministry and serving the church congregation together.

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American Black Journal Individual Segments

Brenda Lawrence Shares her Experience from the Capitol Insurrection

One year after protesters stormed inside the United States Capitol Jan. 6, One Detroit contributor Stephen Henderson sat down with United States Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence to recount how it felt to be inside the Capitol during the insurrection. She also shares her thoughts on the divisive protests at the TCF Center in Detroit on election night 2020, and how the two events are connected.

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Stakeholders Discuss Solutions to Benton Harbor Lead Water Crisis

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Benton Harbor Mayor Marcus Muhammad, Michigan EGLE’s Environmental Justice Public Advocate Regina Strong, and Community Response Team Chairperson Princella Tobias to learn more about the lead-contaminated water crisis currently affecting the city and its residents. The panel discusses the problems with Benton Harbor’s aging infrastructure, the impact of having unsafe drinking water in a predominately low-income community, and the possible solutions for resolving the water crisis now and in the future.

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Detroit Phoenix Center Launches Campaign to Support Homeless Youth

Host Stephen Henderson connects with Detroit Phoenix Center Founder Courtney Smith to learn about a new campaign the organization is launching to help homeless and transient youth in the metro Detroit region. The “One Night Without a Bed” campaign challenges participants to make themselves uncomfortable and to spend one night sleeping anywhere else but a bed to raise awareness, and monetary and in-kind basic survival donations, for homeless youth.

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Making Mental Health Better for Communities of Color

Host Stephen Henderson talks with CNS Healthcare President and CEO Michael Garrett about how people can take care of their mental health this holiday season. Plus, Garrett shines a light on the Oxford High School shooting and the impact on students, parents, teachers and community members’  mental health.

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