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Southeast Michigan is home to a large and growing Hispanic and Latino population, with roots from various countries across Latin America and Spain. Their stories are an integral part of the region’s history, economy and social landscape. From entrepreneurs and civic professionals to artists and activists, these communities play a significant role in shaping the cultural fabric of the region, enriching it with their traditions, customs and contributions. 

These communities, however, face unique challenges within the region, too. Issues like economic disparity, limited access to healthcare and quality education, and discrimination continue to impact individuals and families.

Dedicated to highlighting the vibrant and diverse experiences of Detroit’s Hispanic and Latino communities, join One Detroit in exploring the rich tapestry of Hispanic and Latino stories, celebrating the communities’ achievements and examining the solutions that will foster a more inclusive and equitable region.

Hispanic and Latino American

Ballet Folklorico de Detroit Keeps Mexican Folkloric Dance Traditions Alive in Southwest Detroit

Traditions of dance have a rich history in Mexican culture. Ballet Folklorico de Detroit explores the role dance plays in Mexican culture and why it’s important to keep Mexican folkloric traditions alive in Southwest Detroit. 

Grammy-Winning Cuban Pianist Jesús “Chucho” Valdés Discusses Detroit Jazz Fest Artist Residency

Renowned Cuban pianist, composer and bandleader Jesús “Chucho” Valdés, joins the Detroit Jazz Festival as its 2022 artist-in-residence. WRCJ’s Linda Yohn, host of “The Swing Set,” gets an inside look at Valdés’ festival performance.

Ozzie Rivera Reflects on a Lifetime of Latin0 American Music and Culture 

Southwest Detroit historian, educator and activist Ozzie Rivera reconnects with his salsa jazz band to reminisce on the origins of his passion for music and memories of drum circles in Clark Park. Plus, he shares his outlook on salsa’s longevity.

Southwest Detroit Singer-Songwriter Gabriel Duran Creates Inaugural SWFest

One Detroit’s Will Glover sits down with Southwest Detroit singer-songwriter Gabriel Duran to learn more about his original music and how he organized the inaugural SWFest music festival.

Ricardo Lorenz’s ‘King Mangoberry’ Album Nominated for Two Latin Grammy Awards

Venezuelan-born composer Ricardo Lorenz album “King Mangoberry” has been nominated for two Latin Grammy awards. WRCJ radio’s Peter Whorf catches up with Lorenz to talk about his album and what it means for it to be nominated.

Ozzie Rivera, Consuela Lopez Tour Southwest Detroit’s Hispanic, Latino American History

Southwest Detroit natives Ozzie Rivera and Consuela Lopez take viewers on a tour of Southwest Detroit’s neighborhoods, pointing out iconic landmarks and how the neighborhood has changed since they grew up there. 

As an undocumented immigrant who came to the United States at just eight months old, Maria Juarez made a life with her husband and son in Southwest Detroit. Eventually, however, enforcement of new immigration policies under the Trump Administration meant she would be deported back to Mexico.

Four months after Juarez was deported, One Detroit’s Bill Kubota and former Bridge Michigan reporter Chastity Pratt Dawsey headed down to Guanajuato, Mexico to talk with Juarez about her deportation journey, current living conditions and hope to return home to Detroit.

While down in Mexico, Kubota and Pratt Dawsey also spoke with other deportees. Watch Maria’s Story to learn more about United States immigration policies and uncover the truth behind other deportees’ stories.

Deported from Detroit | Maria’s Return to Michigan

Maria Juarez talks with Chastity Pratt Dawsey about her hope to return to her family in Detroit, and how the theft she committed as a juvenile stands in her way.

Deported from Detroit | Dream in Mexico Organization

Chastity Pratt Dawsey talks with Daniel Arenas, co-founder of the organization Dream in Mexico, which helps those who’ve been recently deported.

Deported from Detroit | Behind the Warehouse

Chastity Pratt Dawsey talks with former Detroiter Jose Flores, who now helps his father run a warehouse in Guanajuato after being deported.

Detroit Performs: Live from Marygrove | Latino Events in Michigan

Armando Vega’s salsa band plays a vibrant tribute to Vega’s mother, MC3 hypnotizes with the romantic Latin Rock tune “Walking Around,” and Dani S. performs the reggaeton jam, “Sazón,” meaning seasoning.

Detrot Performs: Live from Marygrove | Armando Vega’s Salsa Band

Salsa band leader Armando Vega talks about writing a tribute song for his late mother, and how his father, a Mexican folkloric singer, inspired him to create music.

Detrot Performs: Live from Marygrove | Dani S. and Aztek Nando 

Reggaeton artist and songwriter Dani S. talks about reggaeton’s global roots and how he’s blending it with Detroit’s culture to create a unique reggaeton style.

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