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1/24/22: One Detroit – Albert Kahn, Heidelberg Project, Pandemic Performances, African Drumming

Transport back in time to before Detroit was known as the motor city to learn about the lasting legacy architect Albert Kahn left in Detroit after crafting the Highland Park Ford plant, the Fisher Building and more. Then, One Detroit's Will Glover catches up with the Heidelberg Project, a three-decade long arts project in east Detroit, to hear how the organization continues to fare during COVID. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts President Deborah Rutter shares how performances have changed since the pandemic began, and the importance of art in the human experience. Plus, we end the episode with a special Detroit Performs: Live From Maygrove performance of "Could You Love Me" by local folk artist Matt Watroba.

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Art for Life’s Sake: Discussing Art’s Importance During the Pandemic with Deborah Rutter

Arts Engine Host and professor of Arts Leadership and Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan Aaron Dworkin sits down with John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts President Deborah Rutter to talk about the ways the John F. Kennedy Center has pivoted, with its Couch Concerts and Arms Across America livestreams, to still provide artistic programming during the pandemic. Rutter shares her suggestions for how artists can continue to promote themselves and their work during tumultuous times, as well as her opinions on the responsibility of arts organizations to foster relationships with diverse audiences in their local community.

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