P3 is an auto tech/engineering consulting firm based in Southfield, MI. They are collaborating with Amazon to get Alexa and other voice technology into more cars more quickly. One Detroit’s Will Glover talks with P3’s Colin Goldsmith to go through a quick demo of the latest technology at their booth.

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Nolan talks with Doug North, President of the Detroit Auto Dealers Association and Chairman of the 2020 Auto Show, about changes coming to the show next year and the impact of moving it to June from January.

In this One Detroit report, Daily Detroit‘s Sven Gustafson visits the Detroit-area headquarters of an up and coming automaker named Rivian. Although the company is not showing its vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show, people are starting to take notice of Rivian’s electric SUVs and Pickups.

Stephen talks with Erin Marquis, Managing Editor at Jalopnik, about the increased use of technology in today’s vehicles, where Detroit stands in regard to these advancements, and changes at this year’s Auto Show.

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Featured Image: Alexa talking, Photo by Andres Urena via pexels.com