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Tuesday, May 28

Time (ET) Session Watch
4:00 The Business Case for Prioritizing Talent Development Watch Now

Wednesday, May 29

Time (ET) Session Watch
8:30 MichAuto Roundtable Watch Now
9:00 An Equitable Start: Aligning Early Childhood and K-12 Systems to Maximize Impact Watch Now
10:30 Ready Students, Ready Communities Watch Now
10:30 Activate Change: Investing in Local Communities Watch Now
11:45 Opening Remarks Watch Now
12:15 Conference Welcome: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Watch Now
12:30 A Discussion with Bill Emerson Watch Now
1:10 Mackinac Moment: Steven Kiefer Watch Now
1:20 A Discussion with Katherine M. Gehl and Michael E. Porter Watch Now
2:40 A Discussion with Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd and Harold Ford Jr. Not available for on-demand viewing
3:25 Love Michigan: Corporate Sustainability and Stewardship Watch Now
4:00 A Discussion on National Civility with Sandy Baruah, Debbie Dingell, and Fred Upton Watch Now
4:30 A Tribute to Judge Damon Keith Watch Now
4:35 Keynote Address: Stacey Abrams Not available for on-demand viewing
7:30 (56.1) One Detroit: Wednesday Wrap-up Watch Now

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Thursday, May 30

Time Session Watch
7:45 Closing the Gap: How Businesses Can Use Tuition-Free Community College to Meet Skills Requirements Watch Now
7:45 Precision Population Health: Transforming Outcomes with Data and Analytics Watch Now
9:00 2018 To Do List Watch Now
9:10 Mackinac Moment: Alisyn Malek Watch Now
9:20 Keynote Address: John Kasich Not available for on-demand viewing
10:30 Mackinac Moment: Ari Weinzweig Watch Now
10:45 Keynote Address: Mike Duggan Watch Now
11:25 One Michigan: Working Across the Aisle Watch Now
12:00 Filling the Skills Gap: An Open Dialogue on Workforce Realignment Watch Now
12:00 Today for Tomorrow: Michigan Opportunities with 2020 Census Partnerships Watch Now
1:15 The Education Crisis: Framing the Issue
The Education Crisis: The Problem
The Education Crisis: Change is Possible
The Education Crisis: Michigan’s Response
Watch Now
2:45 Love Michigan: The Lasting Legacy of Notable Leaders Watch Now
3:25 Keynote Address: Gretchen Whitmer Watch Now
4:15 Digital Inclusion: #FixTheDamnInternet for Michigan Students Watch Now
4:15 Dynamics of Detroit’s Startup Community Watch Now
6:00 Quadrant Leaders Collaborating for One Michigan Watch Now
7:30 One Detroit: Thursday Wrap-up Watch Now

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Friday, June 1

Time Session Watch
8:30 Morning View: Mackinac Uncensored  
  Finding Michigan’s Future Leaders Watch Now
  Impact of New Tariffs on Michigan’s Economy Watch Now
  Influence and Impact: Michigan’s Women in Congress Watch Now
  Redrawing the Lines: The Gerrymandering Debate Watch Now
  When and How: Fixing the Damn Roads Watch Now
  Growing Michigan’s Cannabis Business Watch Now
  Diversity and Economic Inclusion: A Business Imperative Watch Now
10:30 2019 To-Do List with Detroit Public TV Watch Now
7:30 One Detroit: Friday Wrap-up Watch Now

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