Stephen Henderson has a frank conversation with Pastor Barry Randolph of Detroit’s Church of the Messiah in Islandview on how the outbreak is impacting residents in city neighborhoods.


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BridgeDetroit’s Bryce Huffman discusses Detroit’s BLM settlement, flood recovery efforts and 3D-printed homes

A lot happened in October in Detroit. One Detroit producer Will Glover sits down with BridgeDetroit reporter Bryce Huffman to talk about the latest news, including a $1 million lawsuit settlement with Detroit Will Breathe, plans for $57.6 million in flood recovery funds and mitigation efforts, and the first 3D printed home being built for Detroit’s Islandview neighborhood.

Have You Seen Her?

Church of the Messiah and Let’s Have Girl Talk Mentoring Program teamed up to take a stand against the predators, educate the community and protect our children with an event entitled, “When Sex Sells: The Truth about Human Trafficking.”

Nikki, Ginger and the Tea

Nikki’s Ginger Tea is on the move as products line the shelves in Royal Oak at the new Meijer Woodward Corner Marketplace.

When Black Women Speak

With increasing victories for black women politically, especially in Congress, there’s proof that these aspirants are worthy of future investment that closes the gap between black women’s political potential and their political power.

Songs in the Key of ‘I’

Detroit’s Islandview community welcomes musicians and singers seeking spaces to perform new and familiar sounds.

Islandview’s Pastor Barry Randolph Named a Michiganian of the Year

Pastor Barry Randolph from Islandiew’s Church of the Messiah was just named a Michiganian of the Year in this profile from Nolan Finley, One Detroit contributor and Detroit News Editorial Page Editor.

Making All Things New in Islandview

The Eastside community continues to thrive with new businesses, ideas, and people transforming the neighborhood.

The Marching Orders

The Islandview community sets an ambitious goal to usher in gun safety through collaboration, partnerships and policy.

Silence the Violence

A special One Detroit report on efforts in the eastside Detroit Islandview neighborhood to put an end to crime and violence in the city, which includes a weekend march called “Silence the Violence.”

6/27/19: One Detroit – LGBTQ Violence & Discrimination / Lansing Headlines / Southwest Detroit / Silence the Violence

A One Detroit report on efforts by Equality Michigan to get protection from discrimination for the LGBTQ community under the state’s Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act. Current national statistics show an uptick in hate crimes against LGBTQ individuals over the past 5 years.

The Deafening Silence

The Islandview community continues its annual tradition in the hopes of eradicating gun violence and honoring the lives lost.

Growing food in Detroit, no sunshine needed

“Hydroponic agriculture is really the next level technique where you’re growing in an area where there’s no soil available or where the soil’s highly contaminated,” farmhand Allie Mason said, “It’s an excellent solution when you’re living in a highly urban setting to be able to grow hydroponically and not only are we growing hydroponically but vertically so we’re maximizing the use of space.”

The Rise of an Empire

The Islandview community aims to empower youth entrepreneurs to chase their dreams with a new program

Detroit Public TV Leads Broadcast Category in Annual SPJ Excellence in Journalism Awards for 2019

Detroit Public TV was a major winner in the Excellence in Journalism Awards for television in this year’s Society of Professional Journalists Detroit Chapter contest, receiving 5 first place honors, more than any of its competitors.

An Angel in the Kitchen

On a Sunday in March, Angel’s Kitchen held its grand opening in the Fellowship Hall at the Church of the Messiah. Angel is a master in the kitchen, who had hoped one day to be able to start her own culinary enterprise – and to also compete on “MasterChef Junior” under the tutelage of Gordon Ramsay.

1/24/19: One Detroit and American Black Journal Solutions Roadshow

Tonight a special One Detroit | American Black Journal Roadshow: One Detroit and American Black Journal present a Solutions Roadshow, recorded at the Church of the Messiah in Detroit’s Islandview neighborhood on Detroit’s east side near the bridge to Belle...

Islandview Tour Web Version | One Detroit Clip

Church of the Messiah’s Pastor Barry Randolph takes us on a tour of the Islandview neighborhood.

Solutions Roadshow: Islandview

Join One Detroit and American Black Journal for a Solutions Roadshow at the Church of the Messiah in Detroit’s Islandview neighborhood.

Fundraising to fix a surging problem in Islandview

In this Islandview update, One Detroit producer Bill Kubota, talks with MACC Development’s Ezekiel Harris about the recent power surges that have rendered 5 of the washing machines at the local cafe / laundromat unusable and what they’re trying to do to address the problem

11/15/18: One Detroit – State of the hood / Political headlines / Livonia tour

In this special One Detroit report, residents in Detroit’s Islandview community talk candidly about one of their biggest concerns in the city — violence — at their annual State of the Hood meeting.

The Commons among Commerce Design Award recipients

A Detroit coffee shop / laundromat in the Islandview neighborhood is named one of the recipients of Design Core Detroit’s Commerce Design Awards.

One Detroit | ‘Reverse gentrification’ in Islandview

Islandview is a neighborhood on the verge of big change, especially when it comes to housing. Longtime residents are wary of being pushed out by high rents and new development. Joe Ventimiglia is trying a different developmental model. One Detroit Associate Producer has the story.

10/11/18: Warren Housing Insecurity / Governor’s Debate / Islandview Housing / WRCJ’S Chris Felcyn

Matthew Desmond’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Evicted: Poverty And Profit In The American City, revealed the city of Warren has one of the highest rates of court-ordered evictions in the nation. In this report from a WDET-FM community book discussion in Warren, Stephen talks with the audience about the reasons — and answers — for housing insecurity and poverty in Macomb County and the region.

One Detroit | Community Partner Feedback

The One Detroit team first met Pastor Barry Randolph during a community meeting facilitated by CDAD (Community Development Advocates of Detroit) at the Church of the Messiah in Detroit’s Islandview neighborhood where community members talked about issues critical to revitalization and development of the neighborhood.

7/26/18: Engler Testifies Before Congress / Lack of Detroit Hotels / Calley & Schuette / Silence the Violence

MSU Interim President John Engler testified before a Congressional subcommittee about the changes MSU has put in place to protect amateur athletes following the Larry Nassar abuse scandal. The MiWeek roundtable analyzes what Engler had to say and whether the changes at the University are enough. Plus, the NCAA says the main reason Detroit lost the bid for future men’s basketball Final Four games was because the city’s hotels did not have the capacity to house each of the four teams in its own hotel. How does the lack of large hotels impact future bids for large events? And as the Michigan Primary draws near, Republican candidate for governor, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley, is verbally attacking front-runner Atty. Gen. Bill Schuette about how little time he has actually spent on the job over the past eight years.

One Detroit | The Commons

What does ‘neighboring’ look like in Detroit’s Islandview neighborhood? Christy McDonald reports.

7/19/18: Mich. Gubernatorial Primary / Howe Bridge / Islandview

Today the Detroit Journalism Cooperative posted interviews of the candidates. Check out the full interviews at
The MiWeek team discusses last-minute sparring and political attacks. Plus, a groundbreaking ceremony for the Gordie Howe International Bridge took place this week, the MiWeek talks about the economic impact for Detroit and Windsor. And a special report from the Detroit neighborhood of Islandview– visit The Commons coffee shop and laundry mat.

One Detroit | Raising Voices to Silence the Violence

The Church of the Messiah’s pews were packed this last Saturday morning in June. Pastor Barry Randolph prepared the crowd for the eleventh annual Silence the Violence march through Detroit’s east side Islandview neighborhood to fight gun deaths.

Detroit Public TV and Community Development Advocates of Detroit host community conversations to bolster neighborhood participation in the region’s journalism

Local residents share views about the problems and promise of their comeback city in Detroit Journalism Engagement Fund pilot program.

3/29/18: MSU Crisis Widens / Gun Debate / Headlines / Islandview

From MSU’s latest crisis to a debate over repealing the second amendment to pushing for regional transit. Plus, we head to Islandview in a One Detroit special report and hear some concerns, as that neighborhood changes. Episode 468