Stephen Henderson has a frank conversation with Pastor Barry Randolph of Detroit’s Church of the Messiah in Islandview on how the outbreak is impacting residents in city neighborhoods.


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BridgeDetroit’s Bryce Huffman discusses Detroit’s BLM settlement, flood recovery efforts and 3D-printed homes

A lot happened in October in Detroit. One Detroit producer Will Glover sits down with BridgeDetroit reporter Bryce Huffman to talk about the latest news, including a $1 million lawsuit settlement with Detroit Will Breathe, plans for $57.6 million in flood recovery funds and mitigation efforts, and the first 3D printed home being built for Detroit’s Islandview neighborhood.

Have You Seen Her?

Church of the Messiah and Let’s Have Girl Talk Mentoring Program teamed up to take a stand against the predators, educate the community and protect our children with an event entitled, “When Sex Sells: The Truth about Human Trafficking.”

Nikki, Ginger and the Tea

Nikki’s Ginger Tea is on the move as products line the shelves in Royal Oak at the new Meijer Woodward Corner Marketplace.

When Black Women Speak

With increasing victories for black women politically, especially in Congress, there’s proof that these aspirants are worthy of future investment that closes the gap between black women’s political potential and their political power.

Songs in the Key of ‘I’

Detroit’s Islandview community welcomes musicians and singers seeking spaces to perform new and familiar sounds.

Islandview’s Pastor Barry Randolph Named a Michiganian of the Year

Pastor Barry Randolph from Islandiew’s Church of the Messiah was just named a Michiganian of the Year in this profile from Nolan Finley, One Detroit contributor and Detroit News Editorial Page Editor.

Making All Things New in Islandview

The Eastside community continues to thrive with new businesses, ideas, and people transforming the neighborhood.

The Marching Orders

The Islandview community sets an ambitious goal to usher in gun safety through collaboration, partnerships and policy.

6/27/19: One Detroit – LGBTQ Violence & Discrimination / Lansing Headlines / Southwest Detroit / Silence the Violence

A One Detroit report on efforts by Equality Michigan to get protection from discrimination for the LGBTQ community under the state’s Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act. Current national statistics show an uptick in hate crimes against LGBTQ individuals over the past 5 years.

Growing food in Detroit, no sunshine needed

“Hydroponic agriculture is really the next level technique where you’re growing in an area where there’s no soil available or where the soil’s highly contaminated,” farmhand Allie Mason said, “It’s an excellent solution when you’re living in a highly urban setting to be able to grow hydroponically and not only are we growing hydroponically but vertically so we’re maximizing the use of space.”