What up doe! I’m Bryce Huffman, a reporter and producer here at BridgeDetroit. Olivia Lewis is also a reporter/editor with BridgeDetroit and Orlando Bailey is our engagement director.

The police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have led to protests, marches and painful but necessary conversations about racism and oppression. Earlier this week, Orlando, Olivia and I were talking about the dual identity of being Black and a journalist. After a lighthearted discussion about serious topics, we realized our audience should be in on this conversation, too.

So we recorded a Zoom conversation and uploaded it to the BridgeDetroit website.

We wanted to share our thoughts on objectivity and the weight of being a Black journalist in a time when America is beginning to recognize white supremacy. There might be some moments of discomfort while we speak, but please keep in mind that hearing people talk about racism isn’t nearly as uncomfortable as experiencing it firsthand.

If you’re a Black person, especially one who is working at a predominantly white company, I’m sure you will relate to many of the things we discuss in this video. We feel for you. We see you. We are here for you. We hope the burden of explaining yourself to white people isn’t too much to bear, especially if you are a Black person in a predominantly white newsroom. Remember, it’s not your job to educate white people on their racism.


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