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The New Normal: How the Black Church Has Adapted to Online Worship, Outreach

“American Black Journal” producer AJ Walker meets with Rev. Cindy Rudolph, of Oak Grove AME Church in Detroit, to learn more about how the church reacted and adapted new ways of worship during the COVID-19 pandemic. Rudolph talks about having to quickly adapt to remote services, online tithing and increased community outreach, all in the midst of her first few months as the church’s new senior pastor

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2/03/22: One Detroit – COVID-19’s Impact on Communities

This Week, One Detroit takes a look at COVID-19’s impact on communities across Southeast Michigan. First, hear why some Detroiters decide to mask up and why others don’t. Then, senior producer Bill Kubota talks with patients and health experts at Henry Ford, Michigan Medicine and Detroit Medical Center about the long-term effects of COVID they’re finding and researching. Plus, contributor Stephen Henderson learns more about how the pandemic has impacted children’s mental health from The Children’s Center in Detroit.

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Making a Choice: How Detroiters Feel About Face Masks for COVID-19 

How protective is wearing a face mask, and why do some choose to wear it while others don’t? American Black Journal assistant producer Daijah Moss take to the streets to talk with Detroiters about their thoughts on wearing a mask to protect against COVID-19. Plus, producer AJ Walker sits down with Natasha Bagdasarian to talk about the Omicron variant surge seen throughout the latest holiday season, when and where people should mask up, and what types of mask will provide the most protection.

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DPSCD Superintendent Extends Virtual Learning in District Through January 24

DPSCD Superintendent Nikolai Vitti spoke at Thursday’s COVID313 virtual town hall about his decision to keep the schools closed for in-person instruction until January 24. He said it was based on a 7-day infection rate in the city of well over 30 percent. The district will base a return to in-person learning when that rate drops below 20 percent.

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COVID Long-Haulers: The People Still Suffering from the Virus

As the United States and Michigan continue to face some of the highest COVID-19 case counts with the Omicron variant since the start of the pandemic, the long-term effects of the virus for many who have already contracted it is still relatively unknown. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota connects with experts from Henry Ford Health System, The University of Michigan, and the Detroit Medical Center, along with patients still trying to shake the illness themselves, about the ways people’s bodies are still being ailed by COVID-19.

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Small businesses coping with challenges ahead of new year

Small Businesses across Michigan are facing challenges on many fronts. From navigating COVID-19 to inflation and workplace changes, some small businesses are struggling to survive. One Detroit contributor Nolan Finley talks with Michigan Small Business Association President Brian Calley about what these businesses are doing to cope with the challenges.

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9/28/21: American Black Journal – COVID’s Impact on Ministers and Congregations

As faith leaders, ministers are called upon to comfort parishioners in times of sorrow and need, but what happens when the grief touches them personally? Continuing the yearlong Black Church series, host Stephen Henderson checks in with ministers and their congregations to see how COVID-19 has impacted them. Plus, Stephen speaks with two pastors about vaccinations and hesitancy to get them.

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Fixing the Districts

One Detroit finds out how we’ll lose a seat in Congress this next election cycle and how district lines might be redrawn.

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Bonded Art Exhibit Brings More Than 20 Local Artists to Beacon Park 

One Detroit’s Will Glover caught up with Beacon Park Manager Meg Heeres and ‘Bonded’ art exhibit organizer and artist Jonathan Harris to talk about the importance of community gatherings during challenging times and the exhibit’s message of bringing the city and regional residents together around art.

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Asian Americans Rally

Hundreds gathered in downtown Detroit to speak out in public against violence and discrimination against the AAPI community.

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How COVID’s Disruptions Have Impacted Children’s Mental Health 

American Black Journal Host Stephen Henderson sits down with The Children’s Center CEO & President Debora Matthews and Chief Clinical Officer Carlynn Nichols to learn just how this pandemic has impacted children and their families, and how the impacts felt by children and adults are more different than we think. They share more about their mental health services, the social, emotional and academic impacts of the pandemic, and resources they offer to help families.

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Emerging from the Pandemic

What will we expect as we emerge from the pandemic? Bill Kubota talks to epidemiologist Dr. Abdul El-Sayed and virologist Oveta Fuller.

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The Future of the Auto Show

News that the North American International Auto Show is on hold again this year is causing speculation that we’ll never see a big auto show here again. Not so fast says NAIAS Chairman Doug North.

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COVID313: Racial Disparity

In a recent COVID 313 Virtual Town Hall, a discussion regarding racial disparities amongst African American Michiganders and its relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Flint Charges

The search for justice in the Flint water crisis has led prosecutors to charge former Michigan governor Rick Snyder with two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect of duty.

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Banished Words of 2021

One Detroit Associate Producer, Will Glover, cracks open Lake Superior State University’s annual list of banished words.

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Once Upon A December Eve

Once Upon A December Eve with Alice McAllister Tillman, Dewayne, Peter, and Willie J. McAllister has become a wonderful holiday tradition in the Metropolitan Detroit Area.

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Scotty Bowman and The Russian Five

Coach Bowman reflects back on the legacy and foundation he helped build in Detroit, and what he says he learned from being a part of this incredible moment in sports history.

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Preview: The Russian Five

View a clip from “The Russian Five” and see how their arrival turned around the beloved Detroit hockey team that was approaching decline in the ’80s. Fred Nahhat talks with former Red Wing, Kris Draper.

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