Teachers, parents and all caregivers now have a new partner in the education of our children 

This statewide learning service provides instructional content through an array of available platforms 

Watch the MLC on Channel 56.5 in Southeast Michigan or at MichiganLearning.org everywhere

It’s a historic day for Detroit Public TV and for every public television stations across our great state.

Today marks the official launch of the Michigan Learning Channel. In cooperation with the state’s other public television stations, for the first time we will be making instructional content available to every home and school in Michigan, to enrich the lives and education of all our children.

In Southeast Michigan, the MLC will be broadcast starting today on Channel 56.5.  Public television stations across Michigan are expected to broadcast the Michigan Learning Channel within a few days.

At the same time, the channel – as well as a wealth of other education resources – is available at MichiganLearning.org. We have purposefully made the MLC accessible on an array of platforms, understanding the diverse needs and individual situations of educators, parents and students.

We are grateful to all the public officials, educators and parents who have helped make the MLC a reality. It was a truly remarkable team effort to conceptualize and create an entire new educational service in a matter of months to deal with the challenges posed by the pandemic. But we believe that the type of support the MLC provides teachers, parents and students will be needed and welcome for years to come.

At launch, the Michigan Learning Channel will provide curriculum-aligned instructional lessons and resources, beginning with Pre-K to 3rd grade programming Monday through Friday.

The Michigan Learning Channel has commissioned new lessons in math, social-emotional learning and health and fitness, all of which are available now. A team of literacy education professionals selected the English Language Arts (ELA) and English Language Learner (ELL) content being broadcast at launch and is hard at work on a series of new literacy programs featuring Michigan teachers, which will arrive by mid-March.

Sample some upcoming program for Pre-K to 3rd grade at MichiganLearning.org:

In addition to the initial Pre-K to 3rd grade schedule, supplemental content will be available at launch for grades 4-12. Evening and overnight programming also will be available for older students in grades 6-12. Weekends will feature a variety of programming from Michigan sources in social studies and science, as well as documentaries with educational resources.

For all the details and to help you plan, check out the MLC’s January schedule.

From its earliest days, public television has been intrinsically linked to the education of children. We believe the Michigan Learning Channel is the next crucial step in our commitment to ensuring the right of all students to an education that prepares them for a meaningful, productive and happy life.

Rich Homberg
President and CEO – Detroit Public Television