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DPSCD, the vaccine and future funding

December 17, 2020 – Detroit Public Schools Community District Superintendent Nikolai Vitti told the COVID313 Virtual Town Hall this week he’s pushing for the Michigan State legislature to fully fund schools that plan to hold virtual classes next year.

“We know that not all Detroiters are going to support the vaccine,” Vitti said, “We really need advocacy in Lansing starting after winter break to be very clear that we want the flexibility for in-person learning or on-line learning and that both options be fully funded.”

Vitti said an in-person learning mandate in the fall would be insensitive from “a race point of view.”

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence’s cautious take on the COVID vaccine

Regarding the COVID-19 vaccine that started rolling out this week, southeastern Michigan Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence told the COVID313 Virtual Town Hall this week, “We all have to make our own personal decision. I am thankful we have the vaccine.”

Lawrence said she’s down the line as a recipient of the vaccine and said she’s watching closely.

“I am not running to the front of the line,” Lawrence said, “I am really looking to get the next round.”

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence’s push for change for policing and mental health

“Mental health must be addressed in social justice, in gun violence and health care,” said Michigan Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence in this week’s COVID313 Virtual Town Hall.

Lawrence represents District 14, which snakes through southeastern Michigan including Pontiac, over to the Pointes and large parts of Detroit.

Regarding the police, “I’m not defunding them,” Lawrence said, “I do not embrace that. I was a mayor, I know when someone dials 911 we want someone to respond.”

But Lawrence said a system like 911 is needed focus on mental health.

“We need a system where we can call for a trained mental health responder,” Lawrence said.