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Policy Talks @ the Ford School

Detroit Public TV and the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy are partnering on a series of four crucial discussions with key newsmakers, news reporters and public officials on issues relating to the vote.

What issues do you want One Detroit to cover this election season? 


The Issues

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  • Immigration Clip
  • Regional Transit Clip
  • Census 2020 Clip

WATCH: DEC – A Conversation with Sal Khan

The Detroit Economic Club presents a conversation with Sal Khan in an exclusive live virtual event streamed by Detroit Public TV on Thursday, October 15 at 1:30pm ET.

The Regional Transit Debate

Nolan and Stephen debate the pros and cons of a new regional transit plan that could make it on next year’s ballot.

One Detroit: Census 2020 Rally

A One Detroit report on a rally at Wayne County Community College District’s downtown campus that enlisted the help of Detroit rapper Kash Doll to get young people engaged in this year’s Census count.

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