Two new multi-use facilities being built in Detroit will help provide solutions to the complex needs of the city’s homeless population. The two major building projects are part of Mariners Inn and Pope Francis Center’s overall efforts to eliminate chronic homelessness in Detroit, a population that has increased since the pandemic began.  

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According to Fr. Tim McCabe, the Executive Director and President of Pope Francis Center, Detroit’s homeless population was estimated to be around 1,700 people as of January 2023. Approximately 200 of those people are chronically homeless, meaning they’ve been homeless for at least a year, or repeatedly, with a co-existing condition like a mental illness, substance abuse disorder or physical disability.  

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The agencies’ facilities will provide temporary shelter, permanent supportive housing, medical and substance abuse treatment, social and job readiness skills, recreational opportunities and more. Fr. McCabe and Mariners Inn CEO David Sampson joined “American Black Journal” host Stephen Henderson to discuss their organizations’ efforts to curb chronic homelessness in the city and how these new facilities will help.  

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