How We Got Here:

The Asian American Experience in Metro Detroit

May 19, 2021 at 7pm ET

Watch on the One Detroit Facebook page or YouTube channel

In the aftermath of the Atlanta spa shootings in March, the nonprofit organization, Stop AAPI Hate, released a report stating that there were almost 3,800 reported hate incidents from March 2020-Feb. 2021 nationwide. But for Asian Americans, discrimination in this country they call home is not a new issue. There’s much more to the story.

On May 19, at 7 p.m., Detroit Public TV in partnership with APIAVote-Michigan hosted a live, virtual town hall exploring the history of anti-Asian racism and how it continues to affect the lives of Asian Americans in Metro Detroit.

The murder of Vincent Chin in 1982 and the protests that followed galvanized the Asian American community. Now with the recent incidents of violence against Asian Americans that community is making its voice heard again.

The town hall revisited the Vincent Chin case, the historical antecedents leading up to it, and its resonance today as the members of the community and their allies call for justice and equality.

We shared the history and personal stories of the people who make up our diverse Asian American communities through panels, questions from the audience and video vignettes, all moderated by One Detroit’s Senior Producer, Bill Kubota.

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Panelists included:

Paula Yoo, Author of “From a Whisper to a Rallying Cry: The Killing of Vincent Chin and the Trial that Galvanized the Asian American Movement”

Roland Hwang, American Citizens for Justice; and Secretary, ACA – Association of Chinese Americans

Jim Shimoura, Past President, American Citizens for Justice

Jasmine Rivera, Communications Director, Rising Voices

Mai Xiong, Macomb County Commissioner, District 2

David Han, MAPAAC Commissioner

Leinda Schleicher, VP, APIAVote-Michigan

Anand Kumar, Asian Indian Community Leader; President,

State Representative Ranjeev Puri (D-Canton)