Tonight on One Detroit:

  • Roundtable: Christy, Stephen, and Nolan debate about essential vs. non-essential businesses in Michigan.
  • Wayne County Executive, Warren Evans: Christy talks with county executive Evans about budget cuts and tracking COVID-19 cases.
  • News Fatigue: Media researchers found many of us suffering from ‘news fatigue’ and the Pew Research Center in Washington DC has the data to prove it. But now according to Pew, for the majority of us, that malaise is gone–replaced by a different view of the media as it brings us the latest in the COVID-19 crisis. Christy talks with Pew researcher, Alisa Shearer.
  • Michael Harriot, Senior Writer, The Root: One Detroit Associate Producer, Will Glover, speaks with Harriot about the impact of the pandemic on black communities.
  • We close the show listening to part of the Vincent Chandler Collective’s set at the Dirty Dog Jazz Café

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