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A simple cinder block wall, built 80 years ago in Detroit. It’s been called the Wailing Wall, the Eight Mile Wall and the Birwood Wall because it went up along Birwood Street–a lasting symbol of racism during the war years when Detroit became America’s Arsenal of Democracy. One Detroit’s partner BridgeDetroit along with NBC News did some extensive new reporting on the legacy of the wall, talking to people that lived in that neighborhood.

One Detroit’s Bill Kubota talks with the reporters and author Gerald Van Dusen about the wall and what it means to Detroiters eight decades later.

This month, President Biden signed a new executive order aiming for all new vehicles sold by 2030 to be electric. The administration wants to invest $174 billion into EV infrastructure to meet anticipated demand. But the costs associated with owning an EV, as well as range anxiety and battery life are just some of the hesitations consumers have. Will Glover has more on the future of EVs.

  • Detroit Future City Report Shows Persistent Opportunity Gap

Detroit Future City CEO, Anika Goss, talks with One Detroit contributor and American Black Journal host, Stephen Henderson, about the latest findings in the annual report about Detroit’s economic equity. The bottom line isn’t good—especially when it comes to education and employment equity. In addition to the findings, Goss also brings up recommendations for moving forward.

2021 marks the Concert of Colors 29th year—we end tonight’s episode with an excerpt from Melvin Davis & United Sound. You can see more Concert of Colors On Demand here.

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