• Clawson | One City Under a Pandemic, Part 3: We’ve been tracking the effects of COVID-19 on that small city in southeastern Oakland County—on the upswing when the virus hit. The second lockdown came as we entered the holiday season. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota and Chris Jordan see how businesses fared and provide perhaps a glimpse where that city—and the rest of us—are going. Some businesses are holding their own. Others are in dire straits.
  • The COVID Vaccine Explained: As more doses are released and more people get vaccinated, we wanted to get a better idea of how effective the vaccine is, the side effects and how long we’ll still all be wearing masks. One Detroit talks with Beaumont Infectious Disease specialist, Dr. Nick Gilpin.
  • GLN on One Detroit: A New Administration and Investing in the Great Lakes: President Biden’s administration is bringing policy changes from immigration, to the minimum wage, to stimulus checks and more. In our Great Lakes Now report, there could be some changes when it comes to funding projects around the Great Lakes.
  • Banned Words of 2021: 2020 was a tough year full of words and phrases some of us would rather leave behind. One Detroit Associate Producer cracks open Lake Superior State University’s annual list of banished words and guides us through this year’s contenders, words that have been deemed oxymoronic, redundant, and overused.

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