Art has a beautiful way of drawing people in and capturing their attention. That’s what Kresge Arts in Detroit’s annual filmmaker series has continued to do for several years with its documentary-style film series, featuring the organization’s annually selected Kresge Artist Fellows. In the last few years, however, Kresge Arts in Detroit Director Christina DeRoos realized there was an important ingredient missing in the creative formula. The artists needed full creative autonomy to tell their authentic stories.

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One Detroit’s Arts & Culture team sat down with DeRoos, as well as KAF21 Film Series Producer Donald Harrison, 2021 Kresge Artist Fellow Jeni De La O, and KAF21 Film Series Filmmaker Na to hear more about the collaborative efforts and creative freedoms given to Kresge Artist Fellows and local filmmakers for this year’s 20 short films, which create the organization’s KAF21 Film Series special, “Spotlight Detroit: Short Films Featuring the 2021 Kresge Artist Fellows.” Plus, the group shares some of their favorite films that were made for the series.


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