Detroit-based artist Scott Hocking has been making art in the Motor City for quite some time— 25 years to be exact. As a child wandering near Detroit’s railroad tracks, Hocking was first inspired by the objects and buildings, “industrial trash” as he called it, he would find left behind. Now more than two decades later, Hocking’s exhibit “Retrograde” opens up at the David Klein Gallery Nov. 19 through Feb. 18, 2023 to provide viewers with a look back at the work he’s created.

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Scott Hocking

Detroit artist Scott Hocking at the David Klein Gallery. | Photo by One Detroit

One Detroit Arts & Culture host Satori Shakoor sits down with Hocking at the David Klein Gallery to discuss his new exhibit and how it culminates around 25 years of work. They talk about the small cast bronze sculptures he’s created based on his 11-foot sculpture that was unveiled in front of Huntington Place in August.

Plus, Hocking shares how “Retrograde” works in tandem with a larger exhibit, titled “Detroit Stories,” showcasing his works at the Cranbrook Art Museum through March 19, 2023.

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