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Grow Detroit’s Young Talent jobs program kicks off 10th year of summer employment

The annual Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) summer jobs program has returned for its 10th year, and applications for the program are now open. The program matches Detroit residents ages 14-24 with employers in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, IT, construction, entrepreneurship, and corporate work. An estimated 8,000 teens and young adults are expected to be matched up with employers this summer.  

The Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program was started a decade ago by the City of Detroit, the Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC) and Connect Detroit. During its tenure, the program has grown from serving roughly 5,000 teens and young adults in the first year to more than 8,000 in recent years. The program offers free transportation for enrolled employees through a partnership with the Detroit Department of Transportation. 

As part of Detroit Public Television’s Future of Work initiative, host Stephen Henderson speaks with three guests connected to the GDYT program: DESC President & CEO Dana Williams, Connect Detroit VP of Programs Shuna Hayward, and past GDYT participant Naeema Muhammad.  

They talk about the wide range of job opportunities the young people receive, how these experiences will help them as they pursue careers and post-secondary degrees, and what it takes to pull together the employers, funders and young people each year for this massive $13 million summer jobs program.

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If you’re a fan of Detroit house music, you’re likely familiar with the name Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale. known as the Godmother of House music, Hale was the first female DJ to play house music on Detroit’s radio airwaves and she did it all in the birthplace of American techno music — Detroit.  

Hale’s multi-genre blend of House music with flavors of funk, gospel, hip hop and Motown soul has set her apart from other DJs on the scene and has afforded her opportunities to DJ at the Apollo Theatre in New York as well as major cities across the globe. It’s also gifted her the opportunity to give back to the community through music education for youth and adults. She was inducted into the National Museum of African American Music in 2019.  

In recognition of Women’s History Month, One Detroit contributor Cecelia Sharpe of 90.9 WRCJ talks with Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale about her early roots and rise in Deejaying, what was at the time a male-dominated industry. 

They talk about how she developed her unique multi-genre style, her passion for mentorship and the importance of music education, and about the mission of her Sheometry Music & Arts Festival, which she created in 2019. The festival is planned to return July, 15 2023. 

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