Masterpiece Sound Studios recently showcased the musical legacy of the late Motown songwriter and producer Sylvia Moy with its cover song contest. Drey Skonie and The Klouds were crowned first-place winners for their captivating rendition of a classic Motown hit penned by Moy, the founder of Masterpiece Sound Studios. All performers were required to cover a song written by Moy, and Skonie’s performance captured the essence of Moy’s songwriting brilliance, marking a resonant tribute to the Motown era. 

The segment also reveals exciting details about “Higher and Higher,” an upcoming television series that will immerse viewers in the life of legendary Detroit entertainer Jackie Wilson. The show, executive produced by Brenda Wilson, daughter of the iconic artist, follows Wilson’s journey from the tender age of five to his pinnacle at 40. Skonie takes on the lead role of Wilson in the series, embodying the charisma and talent that defined Wilson’s later years. DFour4 Productions Owner Letitia McIntosh sits at the helm as production manager for the highly anticipated TV series. 

“American Black Journal” host Stephen Henderson has a lively conversation with the first-place winner of the Masterpiece Sound Studios’ Cover Song Contest, Drey Skonie, Cover Song Contest Judge and Founder of the Jackie Wilson Foundation Brenda Wilson, and McIntosh. They talk about their involvement in the cover song contest and how the “Higher and Higher” TV production will bring to life the captivating story of a true Detroit legend. 

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