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Political hip hop: Dr. Hasan Jeffries discusses hip hop’s history of speaking out

Hip hop turns 50 this year, and the new PBS documentary “Fight the Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World,” executive produced by Chuck D of Public Enemy, chronicles the history of the art form that reflects the emotions, expressions and experiences of the nation’s Black and brown communities.  

To celebrate the historic milestone, “American Black Journal” host Stephen Henderson sits down with Dr. Hasan Jeffries, an associate professor of history at The Ohio State University, to learn about his participation in the “Fight the Power” documentary. They also talk about the history of hip hop’s political messages, and how artists use the genre to speak out and express opposition to what’s going on in society and as a voice for the oppressed and marginalized.  

Plus, Henderson shares a preview of the upcoming four-part “Fight the Power” documentary, premiering at 9 p.m. ET Jan. 31. 

The history of HOT 107.5 WGPR, Michigan’s first Black-owned FM radio station

When hip hop aficionados want to listen to their favorite music in Southeast Michigan, where do they turn? They can turn the radio dial to HOT 107.5 WGPR FM, Detroit’s only all-hip-hop radio station. But the radio station wasn’t always playing the latest hip hop hits.  

In celebration of hip hop’s 50th birthday, WGPR FM President Kenneth Hollowell and Marketing & Promotions Director Koffey Brown join “American Black Journal” host Stephen Henderson to share the history of the radio station and its evolution into the hip hop format.  

Plus, Henderson learns more about how the radio station came to be Michigan’s first Black-owned FM radio station in 1964, the types of programming it offered through the years, and the important role it has, and continues to play today, for hip hop artists and the African American community.

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