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From the continued impact of COVID-19 to increased efforts to attract younger generations to participate in the church to the advanced role that technology now plays in the church, and efforts to reduce violence in the community, the past year has held several challenges for some Black church leaders in Detroit’s smaller faith communities. Still, it has also brought new opportunities, like the ministers’ ability to partner and push the needle forward.  

As Detroit’s Black church leaders look ahead to 2023, what are their goals, strategies and hopes for the new year?  

“American Black Journal” host Stephen Henderson sat down for an in-depth conversation with three ministers who are part of a coalition of more than 100 Detroit churches working collectively to make a difference in the city: Pastor Barry Randolph of Church of the Messiah, Rev. Anthony Estes of St. Matthew’s & St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church and All Saints Episcopal Church in Detroit, and Rev. Cecile Massey of Carry the Word Ministries 

As faith leaders of smaller churches in the community, the pastors talk about the challenges they are concerned about in 2023, both within their church walls and out in the community. They discuss how to engage both young people and older members of the church, the use of technology in ministry, reducing violence and gun violence in the community, and the importance of partnering with other churches on issues impacting the community. 

Additionally, the guests talk with Henderson about the overall exhaustion being felt by members of the clergy and the congregation, and the ways they’re trying to deal with it. 

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