The pressing issue of affordable housing and its intricate connection to homelessness is affecting the lives of several individuals and families in Detroit. Decades of population loss, industrial shifts, and disinvestment have left a profound impact on the city’s housing landscape and created a formidable challenge for residents seeking affordable, stable homes.  

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As the pursuit of safe and secure housing becomes increasingly difficult, an unfortunate reality unfolds, revealing a cycle that perpetuates both homelessness and a lack of accessible housing options. Taking a critical examination of this two-fold issue, “American Black Journal” delves into the deep-rooted struggles faced by Detroiters, exploring the impacts of Detroit’s affordable housing shortage and the devastating consequences it inflicts upon the lives of its most vulnerable inhabitants.  

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“American Black Journal host Stephen Henderson leads a roundtable on affordable housing, homelessness and the city resources available to those who are struggling with housing. He talks with BridgeDetroit reporter Nushrat Rahman; Donald Rencher, the City of Detroit’s group executive for housing, planning and development; and Neighborhood Service Organization CEO Linda Little. 

They talk about the current state of homelessness in the city, housing instability, a need for more affordable housing units, federal housing vouchers, and the end of a national moratorium on rental evictions. 

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