Helpful Resources for Coping With Gun Violence in Schools

After the Oxford High School Shooting, community members, parents and students are shaken, worried, and left feeling unsafe. To help those grieving from this incident and other families trying to cope with another case of gun violence in our schools, here are resources and important links that may help: 

7 Tips For Coping After A School Shooting
(source: Caleb’s Kids) 


Helping Your Children Through Scary Situation


Sesame Street in Communities: Providing Safety and Comfort to Children


“Open talk, open door: Helping kids, teens after a school shooting”
(source: University of Michigan Health)

Raising or educating kids in a pandemic with cases surging and the winter holidays approaching was already hard enough for Michigan parents and school staff. And then the school shooting in Oxford, Michigan happened on Nov. 30, 2021 – the first one in the state in decades, and the first one to claim multiple young lives in the U.S. since the start of the pandemic.

Now, parents and educators find themselves having to help children and teens process the news and navigate the trauma. That may take days or weeks, but resources from local and national organizations can help, says Joanna Quigley, M.D., a child psychiatrist at Michigan Medicine, the University of Michigan’s academic medical center.


Building A Healthy Relationship With Your Child’s Teacher