Hygrade Deli on Michigan Avenue has been a staple of Corktown for many years. The current owner, Stuart Litt, sat down with Nolan Finley to speak on the historic highs and lows of owning a business in the city.

Litt and his father bought the restaurant from the original owner 48 years ago and have been servicing locals ever since.

Litt says when first owning the restaurant he received a substantial amount of business from the Cadillac Assembly Plant, that has since been shut down.

In more recent developments Litt says the city has seen a resurgence in residency, as Habitat for Humanity has contributed between 70 and 100 new homes to the neighborhood.

Also, Ford started development on the reopening the Michigan Central Train Depot. Litt says with this development he expecting business reminiscent of when he first owned the restaurant.

Litt says that the future of Hygrade Deli is uncertain, but hopes who ever runs it after can benefit from the current developments underway in the city.