• High Cost of Freeways: Systemic racism can be difficult to identify in the real world. In order to show how we interact with it on a daily basis, One Detroit Associate Producer, Will Glover, connects the past and present, looking at what some call Detroit’s oldest monuments to racism–the I-75 and I-375 highways. They destroyed thriving Black communities, displaced thousands, and contributed to white flight from Detroit.
  • Election 2020: Macomb County, a Bellweather for the Country: We’re just weeks away from the presidential election. And again, we see a lot of national political interest in Michigan. This year, we wanted to take a closer look at voters in Southeast Michigan to understand what’s changed in recent years, what population shifts we see, and how that will affect the vote. We’re starting with Macomb County, the place all pundits want to understand.
  • Do Black Lives Really Matter in America?: We’ve seen protests take place in Detroit and across the country to shine a light on these issues and what it really means to value Black lives. American Black Journal’s Stephen Henderson talked with the co-lead organizers of the Black Lives Matter Detroit chapter, John Sloan III and Curtis Renee, about the movement’s message.
  • Justice: We close out the show with an excerpt from Movement II, “Fear and the Fearless,” of an original 4-part piece called “Justice,” which premiered at this year’s Detroit Jazz Fest. Composed by Chris Collins, “Fear and the Fearless” is a moving piece captures how we choose to face fear—either by running or confronting it head on./li>

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