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Detroit All-Star Garage-Rock Punk Revue Returns for 4th Annual Festival, Expands to Two Days

After missing two years due to COVID-19, the Detroit All-Star Garage-Rock Punk Revue returns for its 4th year, and this time it has expanded into a two-day music festival. The two-day punk festival takes place on the outdoor stage at the Cadieux Cafe Aug. 19-20, 2022.

The All-Star Garage-Rock Punk Revue began in 2016 to celebrate the rich history of Detroit’s independent punk rock, from the late-1970s and 80s, but in its second year, the show began bringing in new bands currently making their mark on Detroit’s punk scene. Hosted by iconic radio DJ Michael Halloran, the former host of WDET’s Radios in Motion, the festival features a wide selection of bands from across four decades of Detroit punk, indie and garage rock music.

One Detroit’s Chris Jordan caught up with the show’s organizer, Smitt E. Smitty of the 1980s Detroit band Figures on a Beach, and his current projects Little Billy Lost and Smitt E. Smitty and the Feztones, as well as Halloran and musician Gary Reichel of Cinecyde, to discuss the show and how it captures the story of Detroit’s punk music history.

Can Detroit Become an International Fashion City? Detroit Brand Deviate Fashion Thinks So

When it comes to fashion, not many people place Detroit among the cities where the design industry thrives. Detroiters may know it here, but one Detroit-based fashion brand, Deviate Fashion, started with the goal to put Detroit on the map as a fashion city around the world. Founded by sisters Cassidy and Kelsey Tucker, Deviate is on a mission to help develop and bolster Detroit’s reputation as a respected fashion city.

One Detroit Associate Producer and Future of Work Host Will Glover sat down with the Deviate Fashion co-founders at their talent incubator in a metro Detroit Boys & Girls Club to talk about the business of fashion in Detroit, the infrastructure investments and resources the City and its creatives will need to develop Detroit as a design hub, and the different challenges Detroit currently faces to make it on the list of fashion capitals like Los Angeles or New York City.

Ukrainian Kobzar Jurij Fedynskyj Keeps Ukraine’s Cultural History Alive Through Music

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, Ukrainians’ are fighting overseas to protect their homeland, and some like traveling multi-instrumentalist kobzar Jurij Fedynskyj are fighting to keep Ukraine’s culture alive through music and storytelling. As an American-born Ukrainian, Fedynskyj emigrated to Ukraine from North Carolina at a young age. He’s only recently returned to the states with his family, following Russia’s attacks in February. 

As a modern-day kobzar, as it’s known in Ukraine, Fedynskyj has made his way across the East Coast and Midwest, as well as the war-torn cities of Ukraine, entertaining and educating people about Ukraine’s music, culture and his fight to keep both from becoming a casualty of the war.

One Detroit’s Bill Kubota sits down with Fedynskyj, following his performance at the Book Suey bookstore in Hamtramck in June, for a conversation about his experiences as a kobzar, his efforts to preserve Ukraine’s music and cultural traditions, building the instruments himself, and his plans to return home to Ukraine to continue his mission.

Singer Aaron Lewys Performs “Stop Wasting My Time” for Detroit Performs: Live From Marygrove

For Detroit Performs: Live From Marygrove, singer/songwriter Aaron Lewys performs his song “Stop Wasting My Time,” a song about staying away from those who might distract you from your aspirations and dreams. Aaron Lewys brings a unique twist of soul and storytelling to his music, and with it, he hopes he takes audiences on a journey of self-awareness and growth during each performance.


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