Each Thursday at noon, the COVID313 Community Coalition for Families and Students host a virtual townhall focused on supporting parents, students, and families during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The next Townhall for Families and Students will be Thursday, June 11 from 12n-2p. Find out more at covid313.org. You can also see it live on Detroit Public TV’s Facebook page each Thursday. 

Listen to the Spanish translation. 

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This week’s COVID313 Virtual Town Hall responds to the protests of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Where do you stand? COVID313 contributors tell us what they believe and how all people can help make change.

In this highlight, hear from:
Jametta Lilly, Detroit Parent Network
Arlyssa Heard and Molly Sweeney, 482Forward
Rev. Larry Simmons, Baber Memorial AME Church in Detroit
Nkenge Browner, Mothering Justice
Dr. Shondra Marshall, Hope Start Here
Angie Reyes and Cindy Gamboa, Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation
Ozzie Rivera, Community activist in Southwest Detroit
Lindsey Matson, Congress of Communities


Next week, child care options open up as the stay-at-home order is lifting.

Michelle Richard from Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s office has details.

She says parents need to urge day camp operators still closed next week to open as soon as possible in this highlight from this week’s virtual town hall.


Students everywhere have been activated with the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Detroit Public Schools Community District board member Misha Stallworth has some thoughts on the topic in this highlight from this week’s virtual town hall.


Raising children in these times of COVID and civic unrest – a struggle but for some an opportunity.

As many work for a revolution in how oppression and discrimination keep some down, teaching youngsters how to prepare for and push for change can be part of a family’s curriculum.

Danielle Slaughter of Detroit’s Mothering Justice explains in this highlight from this week’s virtual town hall meeting.