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Ford and the Impact Zone

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In May of 2018 ownership of the Michigan Central Station transferred from the MCS Crownland Development Co. LLC to New Investment Properties I LLC, later revealed to be on behalf of Ford. The company plans to renovate and repurpose the station to become a hub of innovation.

One Detroit and American Black Journal held a community conversation at McShane’s Irish Pub & Whiskey Bar in Corktown where the iconic train station is located. Christy McDonald, Nolan Finley, and Stephen Henderson sat down and spoke with panelists to discuss the history of Corktown, North Corktown, and Hubbard Richard—the neighborhoods within the impact zone, the outcomes produced by the community benefits ordinance process and how this will affect the future.

Panelists for this important conversation included Detroit City Council Member, Raquel Castañeda-López, CEO of CitizenDetroit Sheila Cockrel, President of North Corktown Neighborhood Association Tricia Talley, and Group Executive for Housing, Planning and Development Arthur Jemison.

In addition to the panelist discussions, One Detroit and American Black Journal explain the history of the three neighborhoods within the impact zone, break down the Community Benefits Ordinance process, and get Ford’s perspective via an interview with Ford Motor Company Fund Executive, Mary Culler.

This new development is slated to have a heavy impact on the surrounding community, especially those within the impact zone comprised of three neighborhoods. Residents, community stake holders, and city leaders gathered to discuss the processes in place to make sure residents have a say in this development as well as the future impact this will have on land, housing, and businesses, and discussed what they hope the neighborhoods will look like in the near future.

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