Detroit voters will consider three ballot proposals on Nov. 2 involving psychedelics, reparations and the input of citizens in budgetary decisions.

Two of the three proposals are citizen-led initiatives, while the third is a referral from Detroit City Council. Detroiters will also vote for city clerk, City Council and mayor.

Decriminalizing psychedelics 

Proposal E asks voters to decriminalize the possession of entheogenic plants, such as psilocybin mushrooms. Should voters pass the proposal, Detroit would be one of a handful of cities, like Ann Arbor, that have decriminalized possession of the plants. Cities in California and Colorado have similar decriminalization efforts.

However, passing the proposal would not legalize the plants; it would lessen local police efforts to control the use of the plants and limit entheogenic plant-related arrests.

The proposal reads similarly to marijuana decriminalization proposals from years prior, but the merchandising of entheogenic plants would still be illegal.

Developing Detroit’s plan for reparations

Voters will also consider Proposal R, a proposal referred from City Council that would create a reparations taskforce. President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield reintroduced a City ordinance last summer to begin the reparations process, which would require the City to examine issues from a racial equity framework.

It was found earlier this year that two-thirds of city residents wanted reparations for past housing discrimination in the city. They also want to be repaid for being overcharged on taxes during the Great Recession.

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