Are the Kids All Right?The Well-Being of Children

“One Detroit” and “American Black Journal” hosted a Roadshow on what we need to do so our children can prosper


What is keeping some of our kids from living a full life? How do issues such as food and housing insecurity and mental health affect their lives and future?

The team from Detroit Public TV’s “One Detroit” and “American Black Journal” addressed these issues in a live Roadshow – “Are the Kids All Right? The Well-being of Children” – at City Covenant Church  in the Brightmoor neighborhood.

This community conversation took a 360-degree view of the well-being of children and explored how residents in Brightmoor are working towards solutions that will give kids the best life possible – a promising career, access to health and educational opportunities and, most of all, the support that will allow them to thrive.

One Detroit’s Christy McDonald, Stephen Henderson and Nolan Finley lead the discussion.

This roadshow is part of DPTV’s ongoing commitment to community-based engagement. Our One Detroit team doesn’t just visit neighborhoods like Brightmoor but immerses itself in the lives of the community, to better understand the needs and aspirations of their residents – the authentic stories of the people of Detroit and the region. The welfare of children – the concerns parents have and the solutions they seek – are always front of mind to the people we speak to.