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Originally aired on July 1, 2021

  • Police Reform Bills

Michigan is one of 17 states with police reform bills still currently pending. One Detroit’s Will Glover looked at what’s in the police reform bills pending in the Michigan Senate and who gets a say in what goes in them from Democratic State Senator Stephanie Chang & Republican State Senator Jim Runestad, two of many sponsors of the bill package who also shed light on why the bills are lacking in punitive measures for law enforcement agencies that don’t follow police reform policies. We also hear from Detroit & Metro area residents about their feelings around police reform efforts in Michigan.

  • Modern policing: The controversy over facial recognition

Facial recognition technology: once thought to be the stuff of science fiction, it’s really been part of our life for some time.

In the realm of policing, Detroit’s recently gotten a lot of attention because of its use.

One Detroit’s Bill Kubota talked to some connected to the technology—how it works and where it stands now as a tool in fighting crime.

  • How Police Reforms Could Affect Officers

Robert Stevenson is currently the director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police. Nolan talked with him about the state of the profession, his response to the proposed legislation for police reform, and the work he’s been doing with communities across the state talking with citizens, police, politicians, and activists about changes to policing.

  • Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison on ‘Defund the Police’

This week, Derek Chauvin, the Minneapolis police officer charged with the murder of George Floyd will be sentenced. Minnesota AG and Detroit native Keith Ellison spoke with Stephen Henderson on American Black Journal about Chauvin’s prosecution and about calls for defunding the police.

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