• The Fight for Better Pay in Nursing Homes: Nursing home workers in Michigan have had to deal with many residents and coworkers becoming sick with COVID-19. Nursing home workers across the metro area have threatened to strike, but negotiations about better pay and hours are ongoing. Bill Kubota has more on what nursing home workers are experiencing and what they want.
  • Nolan and Stephen on the RNC: Nolan Finley was at the Republican National Convention in North Carolina. He and Stephen Henderson catch up by Zoom on the message being sent out by Republicans this week.
  • A Coordinated Response: The University of Michigan did a research project along with a few other universities looking at the lack of a coordinated response between states and how that led to cases spiking in certain places. Will Glover spoke with Paramveer Dhillon, Assistant Professor of Information at U of M.
  • Great Lakes Now: The High Cost of High Water: If you’ve ventured to the shoreline around the state this summer, you know that lake levels are still causing a big problem in many places for homeowners and towns and the costs keep rising as well. A Great Lakes Now report takes a look at the city of South Haven, MI, where the costs from high water damage are estimated to top $20 million.

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