• COVID-19 Around the World: Numbers are spiking back up in certain countries. We know how we’re coping in our neighborhoods and cities, but how are other people living around the world? One Detroit’s Bill Kubota took a Zoom interview tour through a bunch of different time zones for the story.
  • The State of the DNC: The Democratic National Convention is playing out virtually this week.COVID-19 is changing the way campaigns are running and what people are most focused on. One Detroit contributors Nolan Finley from the Detroit News and Stephen Henderson from American Black Journal met up to talk a little politics.
  • Return to Learn: If you have kids in the house – you are still figuring out what the beginning of the school year will look like.The Michigan Legislature passed a set of bills a few days ago, but there is still a lot of concern about budgets, potential layoffs, school plans, and teachers. Christy caught up with Amber Arellano, who is the Executive Director of the Education Trust Midwest for what this all looks like for Michigan.
  • Fighting COVID-19: As we talk about fighting COVID-19, in terms of treatment or a vaccine, doctors are also looking at prevention and wondering if strategies from other diseases would work on COVID. Will Glover spoke with Dr. Oveta Fuller, a microbiologist and Associate Professor at the University of Michigan.

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