• A Pandemic, the Census, and a Shortened Deadline: Due to COVID-19, President Trump at first extended the census deadline to October. But now, the deadline has been shortened by a month—to the end of September. This tighter timeframe is raising concerns about an undercount, which would impact federal funding for the city of Detroit. Victoria Kovari, Executive Director of the Detroit 2020 census, talked with One Detroit’s Bill Kubota about the challenges of getting more people to participate in the midst of a pandemic.
  • Community and Policing: Since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the divide between police and the community has grown even wider across the country. Increasing tensions and misperceptions on both sides have led to a deeper conversation about law enforcement and community safety. Stephen Henderson talked with Misha Stallworth, Detroit Public Schools board member, and Sherry McRill, President and CEO of Northeast Integrated Health, about strategies to support the police and the public on American Black Journal.
  • The Paywall Cometh: Beginning this week, the Detroit News and Free Press are requiring paid subscriptions for access to some of their digital content. One Detroit contributor, Nolan Finley—who’s Editorial Page Editor for the Detroit News—spoke with his paper’s Editor and Publisher, Gary Miles, about the reasons for the paywall and what this move means for the future of newspapers in Detroit.
  • Sundown Towns: Though protests against police brutality and white supremacy have mostly taken place in the City of Detroit, the suburbs are now beginning to grapple with their own racist history and policies. Historically, sundown towns have been defined as places where African Americans weren’t permitted to live. One Detroit Associate Producer, Will Glover, talked with BridgeDetroit’s Bryce Huffman, about his recent report on how many Detroit suburbs are wrestling with their legacy of being sundown towns that carried out anti-black policies.

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