• Shaun Robinson: Stephen Henderson catches up with native Detroiter, Access Hollywood Host & lifetime film producer Shaun Robinson to talk about her latest lifetime films adapted from a book series themed around the 7 deadly sins.
  • Ricardo Lorenz + Peter Whorf – King Mangoberry: Peter Whorf catches up with Ricardo Lorenz to talk about his album King Mangoberry that was just nominated for two Latin Grammy awards. Ricardo shares the meaning of “King Mangoberry” through a simple yet enlightening story about a trip to Venezuela with a friend.
  • Diedre DS. Sense: Veteran Detroit hip-hop artist Deidre D.S. Sense paired her latest album “Copper St. Chrysalis” with what she called her Quarantine Concert Series. The three-part video series starting with “A walk in the Park” was meant to get people moving wherever they are and remind them that even if we’re alone we still need to go out into the world and take a walk in the park to reconnect with ourselves and feel a little better.
  • Made In the Motor City: Ginger pop: The history of Vernors.

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