• The White House’s Anti-Crime Initiative and Detroit: The White House plans to deploy federal agents to Detroit, Cleveland, and Milwaukee to address a rise in violence. Barbara McQuade, former US Attorney of the Eastern District of MI and current U of M law professor, talks with Stephen about the legalities of such a move.
  • An Old School Deli Dilemma: Steve Morse reopened his Old School Deli in Roseville after a three month shutdown because of the pandemic. An idle cash register has been a problem, but losing friends to COVID-19 puts that in perspective. Now masks are required until customers sit down. Some follow the rules, but others don’t like it. “I’ve been called a lot of new names the last few weeks,” Morse tells One Detroit’s Bill Kubota. He’s getting by business-wise, but wonders when another shutdown will come with coronavirus cases on rise again.
  • Parenting, COVID-19, and Schools: Where’s the Coordination? If you don’t wear a mask now, will your kids go back to school in the fall? Detroit Free Press Columnist, Nancy Kaffer, recently wrote an opinion piece on the subject. Christy talks with her about parenting, school, and safety.
  • Safe Voting: The Michigan Primary is next Tuesday. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota talks with Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to talk about safe voting options. More information on voting, absentee ballots, requirements, and finding your polling place can be found here: https://www.vote.org/state/michigan/

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