• Politics 2021 with Stephen & Nolan: An attempted coup at the Capitol and history made in Georgia senate races
    “I’ve been a Republican all my adult life. This is not the party of Ronald Reagan. This is not the party of George H. W. Bush. This is the party now of Donald Trump, and I really want no part of it.” – Nolan Finley
    “This is the definition of insurrection. This is an attempted coup and is supported by the President of the United States.” – Stephen Henderson
    One Detroit contributors Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson discuss the recent storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump supporters, the historic results of the senate races in Georgia, and whether or not the Republican party will have a post-Trump era any time soon.
  • 6 education issues to watch closely in Michigan
    Chalkbeat Detroit Bureau Chief, Lori Higgins, talks with Christy about the biggest issues she and the Chalkbeat reporting team will be tracking in 2021. Among them: the return to in-person learning, testing and accountability, and whether or not students will return at all.
  • Fixing the Districts
    The fight to end gerrymandering has led to Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, now underway. One Detroit’s Bill Kubota finds out how we’ll lose a seat in Congress this next election cycle and how district lines might be redrawn. Among the interviewees: MSU public policy expert, Scott Grossman, Pleasant Ridge mayor and demographer, Kurt Metzger, and Commission Director, Sue Hammersmith.
  • Banished words in 2021
    2020 was a tough year full of words and phrases some of us would rather leave behind. One Detroit Associate Producer, Will Glover, cracks open Lake Superior State University’s annual list of banished words and guides us through this year’s contenders—words that have been deemed oxymoronic, redundant, and overused.

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