Wednesday, May 30   |   Thursday, May 31   |  Friday, June 1


Wednesday, May 30

Time (ET) Session Watch
9:00 Training for the Future: Aligning Michigan’s Industry and Workforce Needs Watch Now
10:30 Preparing Michigan Students for the Future of Work Watch Now
11:45 Opening Remarks & Conference Welcome: Rick Snyder Watch Now
12:30 Keynote: Don Butler Watch Now
1:05 The Mobility State: Perspectives on Policy and Regulation Watch Now
1:50 Opioids in the Workplace: Impacting Michigan Watch Now
3:00 Mackinac Moment: Warren Evans Watch Now
3:10 Keynote: Paula Kerger Watch Now
3:40 A Discussion with Patti Solis Doyle, Harold Ford Jr. and J.C. Watts Jr. Not available for on-demand viewing
4:25 Mackinac Moment: John Rakolta, Jr. Watch Now
7:30 (56.1) MiWeek’s Mackinac Policy Conference 2018: Wednesday Wrap-up Watch Now

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Thursday, May 31

Time Session Watch
7:45 Upping Michigan’s Talent Game: Attracting and Retaining STEM Professionals Watch Now
9:00 Opening Remarks/Conference To Do List Watch Now
9:15 Keynote: John Boehner Not available for on-demand viewing
10:05 Is Michigan Prepared? Challenges and Opportunities for Future Growth Watch Now
11:10 Keynote: Peggy Noonan Not available for on-demand viewing
12:00 The Women’s Wave: Breaking the Silence Not available for on-demand viewing
12:35 Mackinac Moment: Salvador Salort-Pons Watch Now
1:00 The Future of Work in Michigan: Partnerships Pave the Way to Prosperity Watch Now
2:00 Detroit’s New Era of Collaboration on Education Watch Now
2:45 Keynote: John King, Jr. Watch Now
3:15 Keynote Address: Governor Rick Snyder Watch Now
4:00 Making the Suburban Case for Regional Transit Watch Now
6:00 Gubernatorial Debate Watch Now
7:30 MiWeek Mackinac Policy Conference 2018: Thursday Wrap-up Watch Now

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Friday, June 1

7:30MiWeek Mackinac Policy Conference 2018: Friday Wrap-upWatch Now

Time Session Watch
8:30 Morning View: Mackinac Uncensored (Updated) Watch Now
10:30 2018 To-Do List with Detroit Public TV Watch Now

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