Tonight on MiWeek:

  • FLINT WATER TAX LIENS: The City of Flint and the State of Michigan are at odds over water bills for Flint residents.  The MiWeek team debates whether residents should have to pay the bills or face tax liens.
  • PISTONS’ DEAL: Detroit City Council considers a proposal that would place city income taxes collected from Detroit Pistons players and visiting NBA players into a neighborhood fund.  The MiWeek team discusses the idea.
  • U.S. HEALTHCARE DEBATE:  A proposed healthcare bill in the U.S. Senate is getting some pushback. The MiWeek team talks about the stumbling blocks to replacing Obamacare.
  • IRAQI DEPORTATIONS: Hundreds of Iraqi nationals across the country face possible deportation. The MiWeek team looks at the temporary halt on the deportations and what could happen next.

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