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  • PRESIDENT TRUMP & RUSSIAThe controversy over alleged ties to Russia continues to swirl around President Trump, and one Michigan Congressman has even used the word “impeachment”. The MiWeek roundtable discusses the latest happenings in Washington and the role of the press in the entire situation.
  • DPSCD SUPERINTENDENT: The new superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools Community District, Nikolai Vitti, has given his first interviews to The Detroit News, Detroit Free Press and Chalkbeat Detroit. The MiWeek roundtable takes a look at what lies ahead for Vitti and what his priorities should be when he officially begins work.
  • PART-TIME LEGISLATURE?: The State Board of Canvassers is considering a ballot proposal petition seeking a constitutional amendment that would create a part-time state legislature. The petition calls for a 90-day session, reduced salaries and elimination of retiree and healthcare benefits. The MiWeek roundtable debates whether a part-time legislature is a good idea or whether term limits should be done away with instead.
  • MARIA’S STORY:  A One Detroit/Bridge Magazine follow-up report on the plight of Maria Juarez, a young Southwest Detroit woman facing deportation next week.


Special Guests:

Erin Einhorn, Chalkbeat Detroit

Daniel Howes, The Detroit News

Kim Trent, Wayne State Board of Governors

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