This Week’s COVID313 Town Hall Features:

When COVID-19 hit, many families had to suddenly rearrange their lives to adapt to in-home learning for their children. It’s been especially challenging for families with special education students in the home, who had multiple sources of stress to manage and balance. 

The COVID313 Town Hall’s video production team of AJ Walker, Daijah Moss and Jasmine Hunt explore the social, emotional, behavioral and educational impacts COVID-19 had on special education students. They talk with one family who made the transition successfully, as well as a Detroit physician who works with kids who have special needs.

Following their story, Arlyssa Heard, of 482Forward, as well as Joanna Lofton and Heather Eckner from Autism Alliance of Michigan, join the town hall to share tips and resources, and answer questions, for families struggling with school issues created or exacerbated by the pandemic.

Detroit Health Department Outreach Nurse Tanaya Hackney joins the town hall to provide an update on Detroit’s current positive case rate, new variants the community should know about and whether a 4th booster shot may become available and/or necessary.

Plus, did you know according to a recent Conference Board survey of 1,800 U.S. employees that 80% of them are worried about their mental health. Dr. Jameel Smith, Ph.D., the lead pediatric psychologist at Wayne Pediatrics, explores the role of mental health in children’s social-emotional development and shares tips that parents can use to support their children’s and their own mental health at home.

Town Hall Participants: 

  • Tanaya Hackney, Outreach Nurse, Detroit Health Department
  • Arlyssa Heard, 482 Forward
  • Joanna Lofton, Outreach Manager, Autism Alliance
  • Heather Eckner, Director, Autism Alliance
  • Dr. Jameel Smith, Ph.D., Lead Pediatric Psychologist, Wayne Pediatrics


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