As small businesses across the nation grapple with the lingering effects of the pandemic, The LEE Group is gearing up to host its highly anticipated ninth annual Small Business Workshop on May 24. Against the backdrop of rising inflation and the looming possibility of an economic recession, the workshop aims to address the unique challenges that small businesses have encountered on their journey to post-pandemic recovery.  

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This year’s workshop will focus on navigating the uncertain economic challenges currently facing small businesses. It will provide valuable insights, resources and strategies to help small business owners navigate the turbulent economic landscape.  

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The LEE Group President and CEO Mark S. Lee and David Girodat, Regional President-Eastern Michigan at Fifth Third Bank, the workshop’s presenting sponsor, joined “American Black Journal” host Stephen Henderson to talk about the issues many small businesses are facing, such as getting customers back after the pandemic, a tight labor market, and accessing the capital needed to expand. 

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