Despite progress in recent years, the fight for diversity, equity, and inclusion remains a crucial aspect of corporate and social landscapes. On Aug. 17-18, prominent African American leaders, professional and diversity advocates will come together for the Michigan Diversity Council’s annual National Black Men in Leadership Summit to candidly discuss and address the pressing issues surrounding diversity equity and inclusion in the professional world. This year’s theme celebrates the legacy and contributions of historic Black leaders, underscoring their role as trailblazers and visionaries.

The summit has become a cornerstone event, attracting influential speakers, experts, and participants from across the United States. Each year, it empowers Black men in leadership roles and promotes their representation in various industries, including business, technology, healthcare, education, and more. Throughout the years, the summit has evolved into a catalyst for change, sparking critical conversations about overcoming systemic barriers and dismantling stereotypes that hinder progress for Black professionals. 

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This year’s summit will explore the themes of Black entrepreneurship, racism and mental health, fatherhood in the Black community, policing in America, the legacy of Black Greek letter organizations and historically Black colleges and universities, Black philanthropy, and more.

Michigan Diversity Council Executive Director Darlene King-Turner sits down with “American Black Journal” host Stephen Henderson to talk about this year’s theme, “The Legacy of Black Leadership and Excellence,” and the event’s goal of uplifting Black males and providing them with opportunities for professional, personal and community growth. They also discuss the current state of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and the difference between equality and equity.

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