Detroit saw a drop in violent crimes in 2023, according to statistics released by the department. There were 252 criminal homicides in 2023 compared to 309 homicides in 2022, the data showed. The city also saw drops in non-fatal shootings, down 15.8% and carjackings, down by 33.5%, and overall violent crimes decreased by 1% year over year, according to the Detroit Police Department. Larcenies and assault statistics increased by 11.3% and 0.3% year over year respectively.  

The decrease in violent crimes was achieved through a layered approach that included state, local and federal partnerships, funding for an additional 200 police officers, a Neighborhood Violence Prevention program that began in the spring, and the expansion of the city’s ShotSpotter program among other efforts, according to a City of Detroit press release. 

Host Stephen Henderson discusses the 2023 crime data from the Detroit Police Department during a wide-ranging conversation with Detroit Police Chief James White. Together, they talk about the strategies that contributed to the huge reduction in homicides, non-fatal shootings and carjackings as compared to 2022.  

White talks about the importance of partnerships – federal, state and local agencies – in helping to reduce crime, as well as initiatives that addressed the things that drive crime.  He also discusses the addition of mental health co-response teams, the hiring of more police officers, and a Community Violence Intervention initiative that has enabled the department to be more proactive against crime. 

Plus, White discusses the homicide clearance rate, whether Detroit’s crime stats are just following the national trend showing a drop in crime, and the investigation into two high-profile murder cases in the city. 

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