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Preparing Michigan Students | 2018 Mackinac Policy Conference

The workplace of today is changing at a dizzying pace, with more shifts escalating into the future — from where and how work gets done, to emerging technologies. Staying employed will require the ability to adapt, re-skill and reinvent. This session will examine how K-12 education in Michigan can be redesigned to prepare students for the future of work, and what is needed to keep Detroit and Michigan at the forefront of talent development. Speaker: Heather McGowan

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Can Detroit Transform America’s Health? The Context Is Decisive | 2018 Mackinac Policy Conference

How can Michigan rethink the current public health paradigm to produce substantially different outcomes for Detroit’s vulnerable populations, and at the same time serve as a transformative, transportable, and scalable model for the nation’s vulnerable urban populations? This session will reimagine a health care infrastructure that redeploys existing resources in a coordinated and applied research framework with providers, payers, government leaders, nonprofit and community stakeholders in order to develop a proof of concept in Detroit over the next year for transforming health outcomes in the next decade.

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Not Open for Business: Why Disinvestment in Michigan Cities… | 2018 Mackinac Policy Conference

As Michigan looks to create greater economic opportunities and attract top talent from around the world, investing in cities must remain a top priority. However, the state continually ranks dead last in the country for funding infrastructure and services that improve citizens’ overall quality of life. This session will explore Michigan’s broken municipal financing system, discuss the value of vibrant communities to the state’s economy, and lay the groundwork for a statewide education campaign calling for a funding model that encourages renewed investment in communities.

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