Can Detroit Transform America’s Health? The Context Is Decisive | 2018 Mackinac Policy Conference

How can Michigan rethink the current public health paradigm to produce substantially different outcomes for Detroit’s vulnerable populations, and at the same time serve as a transformative, transportable, and scalable model for the nation’s vulnerable urban populations? This session will reimagine a health care infrastructure that redeploys existing resources in a coordinated and applied research framework with providers, payers, government leaders, nonprofit and community stakeholders in order to develop a proof of concept in Detroit over the next year for transforming health outcomes in the next decade.

Panelists: Jessica Black, National Vice President, Community Health, American Heart Association David Hefner, Vice President, Health Affairs, Wayne State University Joneigh Khaldun, Director and Health Officer, Health Department, City of Detroit M. Roy Wilson, President, Wayne State University Kimberlydawn Wisdom, Senior Vice President, Community Health and Equity, Chief Wellness and Diversity Officer, Henry Ford Health System

Moderator: Loretta Bush, CEO, Michigan Primary Care Association

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